This feels like a joke, I took about 26% of my age figuring out the English translation for 'Nasi Lemak' - obviously, you just cannot translate it just like that or otherwise it will be 'fat rice'. How ridiculous is that?

Nasi Lemak is Nasi Lemak  (pronunciation: nah-see le-muhk)  in English because it is a special name, designated for our most cherished traditional breakfast menu here in Malaysia. The best way to  'translate' Nasi Lemak [nah-see le-muhk] from Malay to English or to any other languages is by describing the savoury delicious cuisine. Use your own imagination to describe how Nasi Lemak will stimulate your taste buds. I am a person who is lacking in her imagination - my fantasies is dearth in creativity. :P

Nonetheless, this is how I will describe Nasi Lemak taste like in my mouth;

Crunchy, spicy of the anchovy paste and the subtle heavenly sweet taste of coconut milk flavoured rice - the combination is just perfect. 
P/S: Lol, this is so ridiculous.

Okay, all said and done, I wish you luck in your English class and I hope that this entry answers your question to "What Nasi Lemak is called in English". ;)