It's rubbish anyway

It's already October. I was away for 5 months without any apparent reasons, I never feel the calling to write anything in this blog - like who cares, right? This is one of the saddest reality of our world, it is an innate characteristic that most of us may or not unaware of - selfishness. Also, most of us will pretend to care or really pay attention to something, however most of us a very short attentive span. At one time, we may care for someone, then next moment, we will just forget about that person in an entirety unless that person is someone whom we are closed to. Talking about selfishness, once, I asked a very good friend of mine, if she saw herself as a selfish person or not. She was one of the most neutral person ever I have met in my life, she is quite likeable. Nonetheless, there are times that she was an irksome to me. Sometimes, I would pretend to ignore her, to see how she would react, if she would think of me as one of her good friend as well, but, nah, I am just another name in her list of acquaintance or the very most, I am just her normal companion. I am a very temperamental person, I have drastic mood changes, from one time, I could be a mopey person, but then in the next moment, I would feel like I own this world - but I am not.

"Uranus (not her real name), do you think you are a selfish person?" I asked my friend.
"No." She answered.
Of course, she would deny that she is a self-centred person, and I had known that myself that she is never the one who would always put herself against another human being/living thing. However, I replied to her answer.
"If you are not a selfish person, why would you be here right now? Should not you do something else to help others? Don't you feel guilty with the privileges that you have right now? The fact that you are very much alive and well but some people out there are suffering, and all we can do is just to sympathise with them, and we all move on with our own lives. If someone is really an altruist, he/she would never think twice to even sacrifice his/her life for the good of the world."

We all need to be selfish, in fact, if we are not selfish, we will not be able to be born to this world.
This is the reason why - (READ THIS)!

We are born selfish, but it does not mean that we can always be selfish. However, too much altruism is not good either. It will be perfect to have both characteristic where our selflessness overwhelm our egocentrism.