I am a NEET, for the moment or maybe not? Well, things have been going 'so not' according to Plan A. I did not manage to get scholarship by using my trial result, I was quite devastated as the worst thing was that the result was announced like a month ago, early in January and I was not even notified about it. I was just happened to know about it when it had dawned to me that I got this feeling to log in to my Facebook account since the last time I had accessed the account was like a few months ago. I was just not feeling up to socialise with anyone, yet.

My life is pretty wasted right now, while waiting for the SPM result to be announced. I have started to learn on how to drive a car, and I am going to have a test for probationary driving license next Monday as my 16 hours of driving classes had already been used up - obviously. I spent most of my free time by watching a lot (zillions) of anime, and browsing 9GAG, also doing few workouts, and learning on how to cook of course. I am pretty jealous with my few friends who are lucky enough to be selected to get the scholarship from MARA - why would not I be feeling to have green eyes? They will not have to wait for ages to get enrolled into universities or matriculation colleges after they get their results.

Honestly, life has been good, yet. Though it is mundane and absolutely terrifyingly dull and tedious - as long as there is no such threats as ISIS terrorists and so on. LOL. I feel that my writing is a bit rusty and vocabulary has gone unpolished, maybe it was all thanks to me for watching an immensely amount of Japanese animations which had gotten me addicted to and not to spend tad of my leisure time to read books or something??

Pardon for my poor usage of the grammar and language. In addition, sorry for spouting such nonsense but I am just too bore and I cannot help it at the moment when I hit the keyboard.

P/S: Mandarin is sure easy and the pinyin is so funny. Sometimes I cannot differentiate the difference between horse and mother when it comes to pronounce them, haha.