Ageing +1


I cannot believe myself that I had let this blog had gone offline without any updates at all for almost three months. I have myriads of things to write yet it would stuck inside of my head. I did not have any strong resolution to spread out of the whats which had kept me in a hectic state of mind until recently. The gap between a year to another year is no longer seems perennial to me. 2015 was a wonderful year, a roller-coaster year. Somehow, the more years added to my age since I am born, those 4-digits number are just losing meaning to me. When I was little, I would really be excessively jubilant over the transition of an 'old' year to a 'new' year. My innocent anticipation to become an 'adult' was at fault. Now, I have beginning to silently condemn the flow of time - how I wish I can stay free without any responsibility. In short, 2016 is just another year, an insignia, a reminder of how many remainders of this transient life. 

Immortality sounds extremely scintillating at this moment for me. Come on! Where are you, vampires! Make me immortal, make me one of your brethren. (Just kidding XD)