Thursday +Feb 2

When it comes to the introduction part in an essay, or even when it comes down to introduce myself to strangers, I am a total flake. Oh, and this is in actuality just another random entry of mine. My brain is going to explode, I can feel (metaphorically) it. I get stuffed easily to the point that I felt like I wanted to draw and colour my colouring book. Unfortunately, my colouring book was nowhere to be found, and I had to draw in lieu in such a manner of aesthetic was ignored. I have no artistic flair. My drawings were nothing short of mediocrity and grotesqueness. Every single time I drew for set up experiments in Chemistry and Physics A-Level Paper 5, my drawings looked like it was drawn by a 7 years old - no kidding.

I have not finish my revision on Chemistry for tomorrow's exam, and there is just a lot of things to by heart when you have so little time. This will serve as reminder to myself, never again, procrastinate and to work in the eleventh hour. You will reap what you have sown. Chemistry is not my strong forte and currently I am struggling with organic chemistry, especially the polymers. Well, physical chemistry has the same level difficulty as well. So, here, out of the blue, I am going to explain to you, people, about the acidity and basicity, hydrolysis of some of the organic compounds,. (The reason why I am doing this is just that I am too lazy to write on a piece of paper :P)


More acidic to the least
  • 1 (higher Ka value) due to the presence of CL (electron-withdrawing).
  • More stable. Does not form back to undissociate molecule.
  • 3 (lower Ka value) due to presence of OH (electron-donating)
  • Becomes more unstable. More like to form back with H+.

As for the rest, I have changed my mind, sorry! I am going to write in on my notebook first, then perhaps I will edit this post later on!

See Ya!