Today I learned that some things are better the be kept hidden in secret from the knowledge of others. Our good intentions can be easily interpreted into something malicious by others - innocent people have to take the blame even when they are not the 'perpetrators' of such acts of treachery. Slander  -someone with a good reputation can be tarnished in a nick of time.

The photograph of the yellow flowers above has no relation with whatsoever had happened today. I thought that a little garnish once in a while, will not hurt anybody, is not it? I had done a slight revamp on this blog, particularly with the colour #e38080. Pink and its hues was never my favourite then, but now - a little touch of 'femininity' would not hurt, right? Well, perhaps I might as well turn this blog into a darker theme but I am not ready yet. 

To be honest, right now I am running low on money. :'( Yes, this is very sad indeed, right? I had just gotten to know last week that my allowance money will only be deposited as early on the 23rd of February - it seems like even this nation's budget is even tighter than before as I will only receive the allowance not in the usual six months lump sum for a semester but only for a total allowance of three months. The sorriest thing is that there is a probability that the January's allowance will not be counted in the next payment! Even when I am tight on money, I just could not resist myself to splurge the little change that I have in food. The difficulty level on trying to save your money on food and drinks is just in the entirely new level especially when you are trying to eat healthy meals! The cost of a healthier meal is just outrageously exorbitant which is in contrast with junk and processed food. At the moment, I am trying to cut off my carbohydrate and sugar intake as lots of problems which associated with diabetes had shown up recently. I get excessively thirsty nowadays, and my sleeps were just restless and the feeling of thirst had woken up me from sleep. I think I had already drank more than 3 litres in the past 4 hours but strangely I just could not quench my thirst! Hopefully that I will get a good rest tonight as I have to get up early tomorrow to do revision on Mathematics!
See Ya!

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