Depressing Reality

My life is seriously a messed up life, but I bet someone's life is far more messed up than mine. RIGHT? I am a total loser and jerk. O Allah, I do not know what I am really doing with my life, I keep ruining my relationships with others, abandoning my duties, and so on. All I can do is just, watching me, myself to self-destruct. Haha.

I just cannot wait to finish school and become someone who I really want to be. There is a zillion of things I want to write, nonetheless, I feel something that is blocking me from writing it all out.

By the way, wish me luck people.

There is a high chance that I am going to get some disciplinary punishment or something for my rebellious actions then in my school. Plus, I am going to sit for a trial examination for SPC some kind of a loan-turned-scholarship-if-you-get-4.00 for overseas or local university/college entrance in less than a week. I am quite not so confident but I will do my best. Well, if I do not manage to get the best-est result, I am surely going to be nagged by my parents.